The original Mill structure at Kleinriver Valley Farm was built around 1800 by Samuel Parlby as a small hand-milling operation to serve the expanding local wheat farming community.
It was later expanded in 1838 into a watermill by Robert Stanford, with the help of a Scotsman, John William Moore and his family from Cape Town - becoming a dressing mill for some 30 bags of grain a day for some 100 years thereafter. The mill was made of teak since iron was difficult or impossible to get in those days. Stanford had a large business with the mill and also traded vegetables and meat with the British Government, transported with ox-wagon to Stanford’s Bay and then shipped to Cape Town.
After its shut-down by government decree in the 1940’s, the Mill, with its water race, remained a peculiar and romantic social attraction for the people of Stanford, also being used as a shower by rugby and tennis players for a time before falling into disrepair… *

In 2014, the Joneses undertook a painstaking 2½ year renovation, turning The Old Mill into a spacious, luxury self catering cottage.
The Old Mill was built entirely of lime-stone, sandstone, local woods and materials and has been expertly restored by Jan Biernacki, a local craftsman who exposed the two foot thick stone walls, giving this house it's unique warmth and historic quality.

* Historical Information Credit: S J du Toit, Cape Archives.


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